Draft Promotion Proposal. Governance Proposal #10 - Asgard

Hi Irisnet Community:

We all know how weak our promotion is, not everybody knows about Irisnet and the development they are doing in interoperability, Defi , NFT, IService, Oracle and some many others exceptional applications. Right now, we are finalizing the phase 2 of Bifrost that will be integrated with the upgrade of Cosmos IBC. This could give us a good approach by understanding the development they have been building this past 4 years.

Irisnet is trying to educate the community with articles, explanation in the telegram chat. They make a burning plan and double rewards to attract Tech- Grant programs and users. After seeing the Governance working group of Cosmos community trying to expand the knowledge of the cosmos uses cases to the community, i think we should definitely replicate the same for IRISNET.

Since we have all agreed that it is important to submit this on chain as soon as possible (ahead of the proposal for Bifrost), below find the Candidate Proposal No. 10 for your review and consideration.

Scope :

The campaigns will be $IRIS related, the main goal is to increase awareness about the Iris Hub, their value, the interoperability of iServive, NFT, Defi Coinswap, Off chain Oracle and so many other solutions.

This proposal comes with the community driven initiative. We aim to achieve this through undertaking a marketing campaign. We propose that the community pool allocate 1,600,000 $IRIS to this initiative. Here are some options for people to make Knowledge about IRIS:

1. Educating thought leaders, to engage through media (Twitter,We chat, Weibo, YouTube, and educate their audiences about $IRIS.

2. Header banner and/or homepage banner advertising campaigns on 4 platforms with high traffic such as CMC, Coingecko, Blockfolio, and the main page of Binance).

3. Share articles about IRISNET and their efforts in platform like CoinDesk, coin telegraph, bitcoin manager. 8btc.com, Jinse Finance.

4. Try to allocate Iris tokens in Coinbase custody.

5. Allocate a 30% or what community decide to be used to engage a high profile Marketing Agency to help with the Media and Marketing efforts. The Marketing Agencies with the best marketing plan will be selected by the committee members through vote.

A multi-sig committee of 3 community members will lead coordination of the effort, and approve the above specified actions. This committee will be led by a company assigned by the community. I suggest Tendermint, Cosmos team, Bianjie Core Team, etc.

Every spend action related to this proposal has to be approved via multi-sig. At least 2/3 signatures are required to confirm a spend of the allocated marketing funds. It is expected that amounts requested for each campaign will be depleted and spent. In the event this does not happen within 3 months after the passing of this proposal, this amount will have to be refunded back to the community pool.

After the consumption of the allocation for marketing , is very important to make a summary to the community with the spents related.

Proposal #10: Asgard:

If we are waiting for the perfect moment or the perfect timing, it is not going to happen. Irisnet is building a good technology blockchain with the core team Bianjie (Certified as National High-Tech Enterprise and so many others certifications like ISO9001 & ISO27001, IEEE). They are here creating the perfect situation to make the blockchain space a good environment for enterprises.

We, the community of the IRISNET, have patiently been waiting the time when IBC goes live in the Cosmos Hub. We are here to make this moment a perfect time for interoperability between a hundred blockchains and the enterprise world.

• To us, Iris Hub is Incorporating a service-oriented infrastructure into Cosmos, Integration of business services offered by heterogeneous systems, including public & consortium chains as well as legacy systems Interoperability of those services across an internet of blockchains.

• Iris Hub support registration, binding, invocation, query, profiling and governance of IRIS Services (a.k.a. iServices), iServices providers act as adaptors of business logic residing in public and consortium blockchains as well as enterprise legacy systems, iServices can be invoked across an extended IBC protocol.

Two years of hard work have passed and IRIS has not received the attention it deserves. We also realize we are building in a blockchain space where reason and real values are not guarantee of success. We have a goal out here for reaching the attention we deserve by taking us out of our comfort zone.

The core team has so many talents and the ability to keep growing in big use cases. What are we going to do? What will keep us in the game? The revolutionary game, the game changer, the interoperability.

Unless you attempt to do something beyond that which you have already mastered, IRISNET is beyond that. IRISNET is just phenomenal and will attract phenomenal.

We have decided that it is time and have orchestrated efforts for $IRIS , Iris hub becomes known to this space and beyond. We are convinced that people can see the potential. We are not where we want to be, we are making sacrifices to succeed in the future of the blockchain.

We need to have the support of all: community members, delegators, validators and teams.

Our draft proposal is requesting from the team to grant access to a portion of the community pool and allow a community spend of 1,600,000 $IRIS for promotion.

Meet you all in ASGARD!

With this proposal the game could change, educational material, articles on mainstream media, podcasts, interviews, social media campaigns, active promotion, more listing options, form part of our plan to get the spotlight IRISNET deserves.



That sounds like a good idea, and I support it

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What do people think about focusing the promotion on China instead of worldwide? By focusing on Chinese enterprises and the relationships with China government and BSN it may be a more focused marketing effort to get actual users.

Real users on the technology platform is the most important way any crypto companies are doing marketing right now. Partnership and user announcements show development progress, genuine use cases, and carve out a niche with which to focus time and energy in sales, business development, and marketing.

Here is the link of the community tax pool amount, right now the amount is [1,681,665.8481 IRIS] to be precise.

Heres the link : https://www.irisplorer.io/#/stats/irisstats

This is time we need to discuss how to use them and my recommendation is to use them to promote Irisnet worldwide one step ahead of the Bitfrost mainnet.

Let’s make this happen.

I suggest in the draft some main channels of promotion. China is one of them, the china community is big but you can see in the article that is a worldwide focus.

Yes I see that. I am proposing a revision. $64,000 in USD is not very much for a global marketing campaign. Instead, focusing on one region where there is already traction might generate more focused results.

Good marketing requires specific objectives. ‘Increased awareness’ is not a specific objective. ‘Five Chinese enterprise users on IRIS or IRITA testnet or mainnet’ is a specific objective. Marketing plan can be more focused and effective if there is a specific objective.

After 5 enterprise users, then community marketing becomes much easier, you have numerous use cases and live examples you can point to.

My concern is that paying a few thousand dollars worth of tokens to youtube and twitter influencers globally will not be a lasting impact, and if people come to IRIS tokens to see a price pump, they will quickly leave. However, enterprise users or developers who are real technology users will be mor elikely to stay and develop the ecosystem while using the token as intended.


Thus I ask:

What does the community think about revising this proposal to be focused to marketing campaign to Chinese enterprise users with the intent to kickstart a larger global marketing campaign in the future once a secure base of users is on mainnet.

This revision would also leverage the Bjanje relationships with China government, BSN, and existing Chinese enterprises.

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This can result in a failure , i will give just one example.

Ripple pays off some enterprises to use XRP as method, and what happen to ripple. The main channel here is people and enterprises get knowledge about the use cases that could bring IRISNET, after they recognize IRISNET as confident blockchain to use they will bring more and more.

The main focus here is people know that IRISNET has many solutions to offer to enterprises. If we cant do this then others blockchain will take the place, you cant have both. I prefer they know what Irisnet is capable of.

You are right, paying businesses to use IRIS is not a good plan. Instead, paying a marketing team to focus messaging and events and communications toward a focused audience will result in a more potent effect.

I propose using your plan, but instead of global comms and marketing, focusing to actual likely technology users and adopters.

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That’s the main reason of this proposal. IRIS has many solutions is a game changer with a tremendous liquidity with peggy and IBC. Some Permissionless and Open Sources could use it without knowing it.

Let’s do this!!!

Is the proposal to give the IRIS to the 3-member committee to spend as they see fit?

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Yes but they need to submit their plan through the community vote to proceed.

Ok great - who will serve on this committee from each organization?

Community will decide. Please spread the voice on twitter to get this on chain proposal.
We need this.


What is the next step? How do I signify support for this proposal? How do others? What button do I click?

Asia is sleeping, we need to translate this draft to chinese to get more votes. I thinks this is the better way to get this done.

ASGARD the next step!!

【Chinese translation】项目推广拨款议案草案-治理建议#10


It’s simple we need a Marketing team otherwise no moon.

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Lets spread the voice to get this done on chain!!


I agree with your proposal. Iris desperately needs a marketing team but I fear 60k is not enough, however if the token to 2x or 3x perhaps it will be enough if funds are not spent foolishly.

What does concern me is that I don’t believe Iris will be able to rank seo wise because of the name. I think iris should have a more obscure brand name so it’s easier to rank on google and YouTube.

Just go to any search engine or YouTube and type in iris and see what you get. Perhaps if there was a rebrand it would generate some news / interest and we could get some free marketing there. The huge benefit would be SEO there. Unless iris becomes a huge success I don’t see us ranking on the first page of google which imho is a huge problem.