Parameter Changes - Raising the difficulty level a little bit for Validators

There are three types of validator behavior that get punished on IRISnet:

  • Downtime
  • DoubleSign
  • Censorship

Each of these begets two possible consequences:

  1. Jail time, during which no reward can be earned by the validator;
  2. A portion of its bonded tokens could be slashed.

The penalty related parameters can be queried with the following command:

iriscli gov query-params --module slashing

The current values of these parameters are as follows:

Slashing Params:
  Max Evidence Age:              51840
  Signed Blocks Window:          34560
  Min Signed Per Window:         0.5000000000
  DoubleSign Jail Duration:      48h0m0s
  Downtime Jail Duration:        24h0m0s
  Censorship Jail Duration:      48h0m0s
  Slash Fraction DoubleSign:     0.0100000000
  Slash Fraction Downtime:       0.0000000000
  Slash Fraction Censorship:     0.0000000000

For our validators, the initial difficulty level is relatively low, which was intentional. The easy start was meant to give people an opportunity to make mistakes and learn their lessons – especially for those new validators who had not participated in our exercises in the FUXI testnets.

Now that the mainnet has been running for three months, it’s time to raise the bar a little bit!

Let’s consider one or more of the following parameters:

  1. Min Signed Per Window: 50% --> 70%
    Before: Downtime is defined as missing 50% of total blocks in about two days
    After: Downtime is defined as missing 30% of total blocks in the same time frame

  2. Downtime Jail Duration: 24h --> 36h
    Before: Downtime jail 24 hours
    After: Downtime jail 36 hours

  3. Downtime Slash Fraction: 0 --> 0.03%
    Before: No slashing for Downtime
    After: Downtime slashing 0.03%

BTW, one additional benefit of going through the “trouble” of changing some of these parameters is that we as a community become familiar with the on-chain governance process, which prepares us for the exciting and more critical on-chain software upgrade that is right around the corner.

Please add your comments!


Agreed with these parameters :slight_smile:

If no slashing for downtime continues, it would be pointless for validators to take care of their set up.
Even if the downtime block window decreases to 30%, I think approximately 10,000 blocks is already more than enough for validators to act upon their troubles.

I think these numbers will only lead validators to take actions to make actions stronger.

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also agreed, the stronger the setup, the better.

Also agree with raising the bar a little.
Is there any special reasons to make these kind of changes, or is this purely as a precaution for the future ?

Looks good and would not expect this to be an issue for most validators.

Leaves rooms for further raising of the bar as well. :slight_smile:

fully agree.
So, Are we going to directly update these parameters by governance?

This is not a punishment.This will definitely make IRISnet more powerful.

If a node is down, 50% tolerance won’t be enough for them. If not, 10% would be too much for it. Except the punishments, maybe we should also consider additional rewards for those been serving for a long time and no errors happened

Great the first propo, sounds a good plan for update the skills for validators.

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Thanks for the updates.

Fully agree!

Good proposal, POS Bakerz will be supporting it! :grinning:

:+1: Looks good and reasonable.
Umbrella supports this proposal.

Seems ok to raise a bit the bar for the validators.
Easy 2 stake will support this.

To raise the bar a little, we think these parameters are a good place to get started, since any serious validator should be able to meet the new requirements with ease. Yet, by going through the process of changing one or two params as a community, we can raise awareness and familiarity about IRISnet’s wonderful and powerful on-chain governance capability, and prepare everyone for the more crucial two-phase on-chain software upgrade process which starts with voting on a SoftwareUpgradeProposal – such a mandatory upgrade is anticipated sometime in early July.

Yes, based on people’s feedback here, we’ll submit one or more ParameterChangeProposal(s) for validators to vote on. Once passed, the parameter change(s) will take effect immediately.

Agreed with this new parameters. Good proposal. This can only be beneficial for the network !

Agreed with the new parameters. However, here is a question:

Because the new parameters increase the entry risk of the node, then how to prevent the new validators from being slashed if IRISnet has the same plan to gradually increase the number of nodes in the next few years?

I agree . Time the ante is upped and may the best validators/setups win.

We’ll soon launch a new community testnet NYANCAT, where new validators can practice, make mistakes and learn lessons.

The value of Min Signed Per Window should be 50%-->70%, it means downtime is defined as missing 30% of total blocks in the same time frame, not 50%-->30%

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