Parameter Changes - Raising the difficulty level a little bit for Validators


Strongly agreed:grinning:


good idea,i have vote it


Any reason to have doublesign punishment lower than downtime?


Let’s consider one or more of the following parameters:

  1. Min Signed Per Window: 50% --> 70%
    Before: Downtime is defined as missing 50% of total blocks in about two days
    After: Downtime is defined as missing 30% of total blocks in the same time frame
  2. Downtime Jail Duration: 24h --> 36h
    Before: Downtime jail 24 hours
    After: Downtime jail 36 hours
  3. Downtime Slash Fraction: 0 --> 0.03%
    Before: No slashing for Downtime
    After: Downtime slashing 0.03%

1 & 3 feel reasonable to me. I’m not sure I support 2, especially in these early stages.

I think we want to incentivize validators to come back online as quickly as possible, rather than delay them from doing so.


I agree with @chris-remus on the second point. What is the logical explanation for increasing the jail time duration. It might be one but I can’t seem to identify it correctly. Can someone advice, pls?

Beside that, I am fully supporting points 1 and 3.