Uptick & IRISnet NFT Collection Launchpad Event

This event is jointly organized by Uptick Network and IRISnet. We welcome all of the talented creators in the community to participate in releasing an original collection on the platform. We will select up to 30 entries, and in order to support the growth of these collections, Uptick will provide several promotional elements to help along with a substantial prize for being selected.

Through this event, our aim is to increase overall market activity on IRISnet; engage with and nurture talent from the creator community, and provide the promotional tools necessary for their collection to flourish in the market.

· Creator Certification: The qualifying account will be verified with a ‘V’ mark and added to the ‘Featured Creator’ Section.
· NFT Recommendation: 5-day homepage header recommendation - you can choose 1-5 works in the collection for recommendation.
· Official Promotion: Collection introduction article on Medium1, Promotion Tweets3
· Event Rewards: 15,000 IRIS (Rewards will be distributed throught winning creator’s NFT purchase or direct airdrop)
· NFT Badge: Exclusive NFT that will give the winner access to join future display and marketing channels.

• We have no specific restrictions on who can enter; one can be a complete novice, or a professional. We welcome all levels.
• There are also no specific requirements on the type of collection you release, this is completely up to the individual.
• Our only request is that the collection is original and hasn’t been minted on another NFT platform, and you must own the rights to publish this collection.

However, please note you must abide by the following requirements:
• Originality - Plagiarism is prohibited
• First release - The collection must not be minted on other NFT platforms
• Collection - Minted as a ‘Collection’ on UptickNFT
• Minimum of 10 NFTs per ‘Collection’
• All NFTs in the ‘Collection’ must follow a consistent theme.
• Updated within 2 months post-launch.

If the proposal is successful, the first phase of this campaign is expected to last for two months with an estimated start date of: 22/09/1

Application Process

  1. Mint & List Collection
  2. Creator Application
  3. Platform Evaluation
  4. Communication & Preparation
  5. Online Promotion

· Creator Award: 15,000 IRIS x 30 Creators (max) = 450,000 IRIS
· Referral Award: 1,500 IRIS x 30 Referrers (max) 45,000 IRIS
· Production of Event Materials: 100,000 IRIS
· Marketing Promotion: Using KOLs etc. 55,000 IRIS
· Total: 650,000 IRIS

Applications are individually evaluated and only creators we decide to collaborate with will be rewarded. The first phase will reward up to 30 talented creators. If the number is exceeded, the creators and works will be reserved for the second period; if less than 30 creators, the remaining quota and rewards will be extended to the second phase. This event is expected to amass 300 original and first-released works.


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