Support IRISnet-resided IBC Tokens in Uptick Marketplace on IRISnet

Support IRISnet-resided IBC Tokens in Uptick Marketplace on IRISnet

Uptick Marketplace on IRISnet is the NFT Marketplace with the longest operating time, the largest number of high-quality NFT assets and the highest user participation in the COSMOS ecosystem.

In order to further promote the operation of this Marketplace on IRISnet, further activate the community of IRISnet and practically connect to and unite other IBC chain’s community, especially the ATOM community, we planned to add support to several tokens in Uptick Marketplace through IBC in Q3.

If it goes well, it will bring positive value for IRISnet, COSMOS, Coinswap, and Uptick Marketplace. It can encourage more COSMOS token holders transfer tokens to IRISnet via IBC for more usage than just DeFi. It can bring more use case to Coinswap users. It will make more COSMOS token holders use the Uptick NFT marketplace to buy and sell NFTs. So, we can increase the liquidity of IRIS token and other IBC Tokens, and bring Uptick NFT as good use case to token holders.

The specific implementation plan is as following:

1.Implement the support of IBC assets for a variety of COSMOS ecological tokens deposit to IRISnet through IBC in the IRISnet-based Uptick Marketplace (both web and mobile app versions), such as ATOM and others via IBC.

2.Uptick users can select these deposited tokens on IRISnet for pricing and purchasing. This makes Uptick Marketplace support multiple tokens and can cover multiple token communities.

3.Establish bonus pool for the corresponding IBC token to reward users who use these tokens for NFT transactions in Uptick Marketplace on IRISnet.

4.Within 1 month after the launch, special claimable rewards will be given to community users who participate in the activities through this channel.

Planning and implementation period: Now-2022.8.15.

Target release date: 2022.8.15,

Market campaign and operation with incentive phase: 2022.8.15-2022.9.30.

We propose to be allocated 50K USD equivalent IRIS token form the community pool to execute this plan. The allocation of the fund is 50% goes to the efforts of task 1 and task 2. 30% goes to the bonus pool till it’s used up (task 3). 20% goes to the campaign participation incentive (task 4). Based on the IRIS token price these days, the calculated the amount of equivalent IRIS token is 2,800,000.

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The filed proposal can be viewed at

Please vote for this proposal and show your support.

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Thank you all for your support on prop#14. It was passed yesterday almost unanimously with 53.94% participation rate and 98.6% pass rate. The team is working on the details of this implementation. Hopefully we will launch it ahead of the schedule. Stay tuned!
-Uptick Marketplace Team

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