Philippines Educational Grants - APAC Expansion - ConnectWeb3 X Bitskwela Collaboration

Hello everyone,

I need your help on what do you think if we do a full Philippines Educational Grants, with APAC Expansion strategy to IRISnet and Cosmos?

These are the capability proposal below, and we provide a Full-Stack educational program

Multilingual Short-Course
Frequency: One-time creation, continous hosting

  • An end-to-end simplified course on the partner’s blockchain and its underlying fundamentals, delivered in the top four (4) local languages - English, Tagalog, Cebuano, and Ilocano.
  • Similar to this website

Gamified Assessments
Quantity: Continuous hosting

  • Online assessments complementing the multilingual course in the form of online quizzes, checking the audience’s understanding of the topic.

Dedicated Short Guides
Quantity: 5+ guides, continuous hosting

  • Quick 2-minute reads on different aspects of the partner’s ecosystem, such as how to use its existing dApps and wallets, and how to contribute to its consensus mechanism.
  • Will be similar to: bitskwela(dot)com/short-guides

Community Activations
Frequency: Continuous

  • Bitskwela to create opportunities to directly collaborate with its partners in the Philippine ecosystem
  • Activations championing the partner and its specific use cases. Can be in the form of webinars, AMAs, etc.

Press Releases
Frequency: Continuous

  • Dedicated monthly press releases on the partner’s ecosystem updates to be shared across online platforms.
  • Will be similar to: bitskwela(dot)com/blog/en

Educational Short-Form Content
Frequency: Continuous

  • Monthly localized short-form content, with the help of existing materials by Bitskwela, positioning and expanding the partner within the Philippines. These will also be in partnership with other local Web3 communities.
  • Will be similar to: tiktok(dot)com/@bitskwela/video/7203272545661898010

Event Inclusion
Frequency: Continuous

  • Bitskwela to prioritize the partner for involvement in any future events across the Philippines, including Bitskwela’s signature Bull or Bear franchise
  • This translates to keynote slots, booth placements, and free event passes

Talk Inclusion
Frequency: Continuous

  • Partner’s logo and branding will be inserted wherever Bitskwela goes - whether it is the workshops it holds or sessions it gives to students.

Add-on: Market Research
Frequency: Throughout

  • Conduction of local market research gathering data on the habits, views, experiences, and interests of the Filipino
  • Survey results will be summarized into a report, providing the partner with conclusive insights to complement their product and company plans.

For more details and info, please check this link below or you can direct message me through telegram @kenberey.