New Scope: Draft Proposal #12 Asgard

Hi Community IrisGardians!

We heard the voice of all community members and now after discussions, we have a mature proposal for marketing campaign. and we will submit for vote after our mainnet upgrade.

We all know how weak our promotion is, not everybody knows about Irisnet and the development they are doing in interoperability, Defi , NFT, IService, Oracle and some many others exceptional applications. Right now, we are finalizing the phase 2 of Bifrost that will be integrated with the upgrade of Cosmos IBC. This could give us a good approach by understanding the development they have been building this past 4 years.

Irisnet is trying to educate the community with articles, explanation in the telegram chat.They made a burning plan and double rewards to attract Tech- Grant programs and users. After seeing the Governance working group of Cosmos community trying to expand the knowledge of the cosmos uses cases to the community, i think we should definitely replicate the same for IRISNET.

Since we have all agreed that it is important to submit this on chain as soon as possible (ahead of the proposal for Bifrost), below find the Candidate Proposal No. 12 for your review and consideration.

*Scope :

The campaigns will be $IRIS related, the main goal is to increase awareness about the Iris Hub, their value, the interoperability of iServive, NFT, Defi, Coinswap, Off chain Oracle and so many other solutions.

This proposal comes with the community driven initiative. We aim to achieve this through undertaking marketing campaigns for the first quarter Q1 like a Grant Program, And if the result is great, we can continue to follow this method every quarter… We propose that the community pool allocate 1,600,000 $IRIS to this initiative.

Here the details of the community pool :[]

In Q1, allocation of the community pool as the whole grants/budget for people to apply in the marketing plan, and if these tokens haven’t been totally distributed in this quarter, can be added into the next quarter Q2. For the people who want to participate in the marketing campaign they have to send and share a proposal with the details of the work plan, the scope, the channels,the duration,periodically targets/expected results (more statistics details will be preferred), and the budget/grants they need to be supported.

Anyone can apply for the grant program of marketing trough sending emails with detailed proposals, the scope of the proposal could be regional or international.

The grants used every quarterly will be announced by Irisnet foundation for the transparency at the end of their period. The foundation will be one of the teams to review and choose certain teams/persons to work with, and the regional community managers as well as community contributors can also be involved to give suggestions in this process.

Proposal #12: Asgard:

If we are waiting for the perfect moment or the perfect timing, it is not going to happen. Irisnet is building a good technology blockchain with the core team Bianjie (Certified as National High-Tech Enterprise and so many others certifications like ISO9001 & ISO27001, IEEE). They are here creating the perfect situation to make the blockchain space a good environment for enterprises.

We, the community of the IRISNET, have patiently been waiting the time when IBC goes live in the Cosmos Hub. We are here to make this moment a perfect time for interoperability between a hundred blockchains and the enterprise world.

• To us, Iris Hub is Incorporating a service-oriented infrastructure into Cosmos, Integration of business services offered by heterogeneous systems, including public & consortium chains as well as legacy systems Interoperability of those services across an internet of blockchains

• Iris Hub support registration, binding, invocation, query, profiling and governance of IRIS Services (a.k.a. iServices), iServices providers act as adaptors of business logic residing in public and consortium blockchains as well as enterprise legacy systems, iServices can be invoked across an extended IBC protocol.

Two years of hard work have passed and IRIS has not received the attention it deserves. We also realize we are building in a blockchain space where reason and real values are not guarantees of success. We have a goal out here for reaching the attention we deserve by taking us out of our comfort zone.

The core team has so many talents and the ability to keep growing in big use cases. What are we going to do? What will keep us in the game? The revolutionary game, the game changer, the interoperability.

Unless you attempt to do something beyond that which you have already mastered, IRISNET is beyond that. IRISNET is just phenomenal and will attract phenomenal.

We have decided that it is time and have orchestrated efforts for $IRIS , Iris hub becomes known to this space and beyond. We are convinced that people can see the potential. We are not where we want to be, we are making sacrifices to succeed in the future of the blockchain.

We need to have the support of all: community members, delegators, validators and teams.

Our draft proposal is requesting from the team to grant access to a portion of the community pool 1,600,000 $IRIS for a grant program of marketing where everyone can participate.

Meet you all in ASGARD!


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