Milestone 3 Delivery Report on FindTruman for IRISnet

We are delighted to share with community that we have successfully completed the milestone(#3) according to on-chain proposal. In addition to the milestone(#3) requirements, we have also developed another feature that allows users to create their own stories based on 3D scenes. To showcase our progress, we have prepared a video that highlights the main features.

This proposal follows the previously approved FindTruman proposal, available here: (

Video Link:


  1. Log in to 3D story-gameplay with IRIS EVM wallet – 00:34
  2. Explore 3D scene and collect hidden clues in 3D story-gameplay – 00:54
  3. Interact with NPCs – 01:53
  4. Communicate with other players in real time – 02:25
  5. Finish the tasks of 3D story-gameplay – 02:48
  6. Log in to the story creation scene with IRIS EVM wallet – 03:36
  7. Based on the 3D scene, the users can create their story background, roles, clues and so on – 04:05
  8. Submit the story creation contents – 04:53


Here are our milestones and deliverables:

Milestone 1 [Status: DONE]

Duration: 6 weeks

  • Design UI/UX of story releasing functions.
  • Develop the function of issuing story content on IRISnet. The creators can freely release their own stories, and update their stories according to readers’ feedbacks.
  • Develop the function of Story-NFT on IRISnet. The creator could specify the related NFT information and issue the Story-NFT on IRISnet.

Milestone 2 [Status: DONE]

Duration: 4 weeks

  • Design UI/UX of co-creation functions.
  • Develop the co-creation functions. The creators could set the co-creation tasks, like translation, image design or 3D construction, and incentivize others to join the co-creation process with the rewards of Story-NFT on IRISnet. The user of the best work will be rewarded as the corresponding NFT after the creator’s review.
  • Gather ideas based on users’ feedback
  • In addition to the requirements of Milestone 2 above, we have also developed more AIGC features (such as using AI to generate story cover images, continue writting the story based on AI, etc.).

Milestone 3 [Status: DONE]

Duration: 4 weeks

  • Design UI/UX of 3D scene story-gameplay.
  • Develop the customized 3D scene story-gameplay for IRISnet.
  • The story-gameplay will be opened to the IRISnet network members to experience and play.


1. 3D story-gameplay:
2. Story creation based on 3D scene:

Just a quick question for the Find Truman team.

When interacting with your site for IRISnet i only see the capability of connecting with Metamask.

Do you at any point and time plan to integrate Cosmos chain wallet functionality such as Keplr, Leap, or Cosmos station. Considering IRISnet is a Cosmos chain.

Hi, Clan_TerrariumVal, thanks for your question. We are making steady progress on the follow-up development of our project, which involves making further developments on our 3D story-gameplay editor, as well as some integration work on the infrastructure, such as keplr, leap and more popular wallets of Cosmos ecosystem. We plan to integrate them into our project in the coming months.

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Awesome that is great to hear, thank you so much for the reply.

I feel this would greatly improve interaction from IRISnetwork participants from a user and creator perspective.

Thanks again for following up.