Milestone 3 Delivery Proposal on ChainIDE for IRISnet

We are pleased to announce that we are currently in progress with Milestone 3 of our project. ChainIDE for IRISnet has been running smoothly for the past 4 months, and we are now submitting the relevant delivery proposal. The funds allocated will be used to provide at least 2 years of long-term maintenance.

Milestone 1 [Infrastructure-related] [Status: DONE]

Cloud-based IDE base functions:

Functional Module Description
User system Provide GitHub login and cloud cross-platform login for users and guests.
Project module Provide both cloud and browser storage functions for projects, allowing developers to switch between storage modes based on individual needs.
File system Support various file operation functions. Plus, include pull & push from GitHub/Gist.
Front-end support Provide front-end editing, display, preview, and other functions that support multiple languages(JS, Html. CSS, Sol, Rust, etc).
Sandbox development environment Provide a cloud-based Sandbox environment where users can run a terminal on ChainIDE IRIS net.

Milestone 2 [Chain-related] [Status: DONE]

Customized IDE features for IRIS net:

Functional Module Description
Front-end UI Design a customized style of UI for IRIS net.
Smart contract template Provide smart contract templates for quick start development.
Wallet module Provide a wallet module that allows users to check wallet information and interact with the IRIS net through Metamask.
Editor Provide common features of a Solidity language editor that meet the needs of most developers.
Plug-in system Provide multiple web3 plugins to facilitate user operations such as JS VM, debugging, verification and open-source plugin system.
Terminal image support Provide Terminal Images commonly used for IRIS net development. (Hardhat, Truffle, Ganache, and IRIS CLI)
IRIS Toolkit Provide the feature to allow users to issue FT and NFT via web GUI, which is implemented by wrapping IRIShub-sdk-js in ChainIDE.

Milestone 3 [Maintenance-related] [Status: IN PROGRESS] [Long-term: at least 2 years]

Long-term maintenance & feature updates:

Functional Module Description
Cloud storage Provide long-term cloud storage support to ensure the long-term availability of ChainIDE IRIS net.
Software upgrade * Keep the SDK and image versions up-to-date to ensure software availability on a regular basis.
  • EVM features released in the future will be added to IRIS net IDE.|

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