Milestone 2 Delivery Report on HashKey DID for IRISnet

We are delighted to share with the community that we have successfully accomplished Milestone 2 of the Proposal 46. We have recorded a video showcasing the related features and processes, and we warmly invite everyone to explore these by visiting HashKey DID. We eagerly await the product launch.

Proposal link:

Video Link:


  1. 00:00 Issuer management: Create Contract
  2. 01:29 Create Credential
  3. 06:36 Isuuer Space
  4. 07:15 Credential managment
  5. 10:20 Users claim credentials

Phase1: [Status: DONE]
Development of HashKey DID on IRISnet:

  • DID registration contract on IRISnet, functionalities for displaying and querying DID information.;
  • DID crosschain contract on IRISnet;
  • User identity registration and management system, Web3 profile, OpenAPI documents.

Phase2: [Status: DONE]
Development of OST service on IRISnet base on ERC-721 protocol. Functionalities of OST service:

  • OST service (issue and management OST contract/ OST);
  • OST rule configuration system(Verify DID or NFTs on IRISnet,Verify other rules like white list);
  • Front-end interactive interface for users claim OST.

Phase2: [Status: IN PROGRESS] [Deadline:Dec26, 2023]

  • Completing the security audit of the smart contract and releasing the final product;
  • Alongside ongoing community management and promotion for interaction within the IRISnet network.

Please design a very cool OST

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Thank u for your attention. After launched, please stay tuned for our upcoming activities. :blush: