IRISNET to burn 200Million tokens of the non-circulation supply

While projects themselves gain significant advantages from burning their tokens, the
process isn’t a zero-sum game. Token holders also benefit in several ways from the
It may seem like token burns are designed to give projects an edge, but the reality is
that the mechanism is beneficial to both developers and investors. In many cases,
burning tokens can help stabilize a coin’s value and curb potential price inflation. The
stability gives investors a greater incentive to hold the coins and keeps prices at more
favorable rates, which therefore keeps network uptime and bandwidth healthy.
Token burns also project a sense of confidence and reliability, especially at early stages
of a coin’s development.

I need help to make this a proposal

Hi @ZodiacWizard ! Thank you for your advice!
For the moment, the most convenient way to make a proposal is by using CLI, which may require some technical skills.
Here is document how you can create one by CLI:

How to install iriscli :

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