Introduce Wetez API Service to IRISnet Ecosystem

As a professional Web3 service provider, Wetez keeps producing useful tools for the Web3 community. Recently Wetez announced the API service to Cosmos Eco. FYI, you can have a check for the API services for other blockchains in advance via this link:

And now, We’re going to bring Wetez API service to IRISnet!

As we can tell, while the underlying protocols continue to improve themselves, the application layer on top of it is also highly competitive. According to the latest data from DappRadar, there are 10,644 Dapps running on major blockchain networks so far; the total amount of incoming value (tokens included, where available) to all smart contracts across all protocols tracked in 24h is $5.10B. More Dapps are pouring into the rapidly changing world of crypto. Being the leader in a track faster in the pioneering phase will give you a huge first-mover advantage in the competition later on. As a result, APIs that can help save time and costs are becoming one of the essential tools in the Dapp development process.

Wetez APIs

Wetez APIs is an RPC service launched by the Wetez team. For over three years we have been running validators on 30+ PoS blockchains, and in the process we have gained access to a lot of data that many developers need.

What are the advantages of the Wetez APIs?

  • Wetez has extensive experience of running nodes with a proven track record of 0 slash and 99% uptime, which means that timely, accurate and stable data can be obtained from the Wetez APIs.
  • Wetez is serving more and more blockchain projects at a steady growth rate, so developers will be able to access the data interfaces of most PoS projects through the Wetez APIs in the future.

Wetez APIs currently supports many blockchain networks, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Arbitrum, and Cosmos-eco networks, like Cosmos, Evmos, OKC, etc… And IRISnet will be the next one! In the initial phase, the Wetez APIs will offer API services at no cost, with a more targeted premium version to be launched at a later stage while maintaining the free version.

We plan to launch the Wetez APIs on IRISnet by the end of October, but until then we hope to hear from the community so that we can bring a more appropriate API service to IRISnet. You are welcome to try out the service and comment or contact us directly with suggestions!

About Wetez

Wetez — A Professional Web3 Service Provider, provides services for 30+ projects since 2018.

Our services: Validation | Infrastructure | API





Great to see the synergy with Wetez, API is a need to every chain, I am looking forward to the integration and hoping Wetez API is a more stable service in IRISnet ecosystem.

Welcome, Wetez! Thanks for the contribution to IRIS Eco. :grinning:

Yeah, every chain needs public RPC service. Seems Wetez has integrated RPC for many chains. Nice work!

This is exactly what I need,great job.