FindTruman — AI-based Text-to-Game Creation Space (Stage II)

FindTruman — AI-based Text-to-Game Creation Space (Stage II)

1. Link of Idea Demo


2. Description of your company/project

FindTruman, consists of two platforms: UGC editor plaform and gameplay platform. Based on our previous proposal (, we have implemented the UGC editor platform on IRISnet successfully, which includes writing story contents on chain, issuing Story-NFT, co-creation mechanisms, etc. The UGC editor platform can produce original text story contents.

In this new proposal, we aim to build the AI-based text-to-game creation space under the gameplay platform. This text-to-game creation space can help users to transform the text content into playable games directly. This transformation is made possible in a high efficiency way by leveraging AI technology.

Currently, we have validated the feasibility of developing AI-based text-to-game creation space and have prepared a video demo to showcase our idea about what we plan to build. Please view our idea demo through the video link above for more details. With the AI technology, we hope to empower the creators to create one game within one hour, effortlessly and efficiently!

Features of AI-based text-to-game creation space:

With FindTruman AI-based text-to-game creation space, the users will be provided with an one-stop gaming creation experience. It empowers creators to generate, debug, modify and deploy games effortlessly. They are all facilitated by advanced AI technology, without any entry barrier. The game creation process will be revolutionized with the following unique features.

1) AI game creation

  • Lower the barrier of game creation: Game creation can be achieved just through dialogue with AI, eliminating the need for creators to have a profound background in game code development. For creators, they simply need to input text, and our AI-powered game code generation tool will take over. Our AI-powered game code generation tool can intelligently produce high-quality game code by our self-developed virtual AI development team, including AI requirements analyst, AI coder and AI tester. The game code can be executed in real-time for creators to have a test play. This allows the creators to see their imaginative games come to life in real-time.

  • AI-generated prop and material assets: The in-game prop assets, such as equipment, rare assets are essential to the gaming experience. The materials for creation, such as the visual effects, skin, background music and so on can enhance the game creation efficiency. Our AI tools will empower users to effortlessly create a variety of prop and material assets for use in creation and gameplay stage.

  • Foster an energetic gaming community: Just like the example of TikTok, which lowers the barrier for every creator to become a popular star and gain followers through accurate AI content recommendation. Our AI game creation tools will greatly boost the volume of content creation works and fosters an energetic gaming community on our platform.

2) Marketplace for game assets

  • Trading of game assets: Whether the game assets are created through AI tools by public users or crafted manually by professional creators, they can all be issued as NFTs and traded on our marketplace. The buyers can conviently top up the USD fiat to enjoy excellent gameplay experience and have better creation quality. When the trading of game assets occurs, our backend will convert the USD to IRIS tokens, and all the transactions will be recorded on IRISnet. During the gameplay phase, players can buy in-game prop assets (e.g. equipments, rare assets, etc.) from the marketplace to optimize their gaming experience. During the creation phase, the creators can purchase the material assets (e.g. the character image, 3D panorama, etc.) from the marketplace to enhance the game creation efficiency. In this way, it will provide creators with a new revenue stream and players with a better gaming experience.

  • Trading cross-chain assets: Through IRISnet’s cross-chain capacity, the existing popular IPs from other blockcahins (e.g. BAYC, Bad kids and etc.) can be brought to our creation space, which will greatly enrich the game-related assets on the marketplace. This will not only introduce more IPs and effectively increase the liquidity and intrinsic value of content assets in IRISnet ecosystem, but also provides better revenue generation modes for other popular IP holders.

3) SDK for blockchain games
Most creators in our AI-based text-to-game creation space may not be familiar with Web3 and the IRIS ecosystem. Therefore, we have developed an SDK that encapsulates commonly used functionalities for interacting with the IRISnet blockchain. This approach enables creators to more efficiently integrate IRISnet technology and AI capabilities into their game development process.

  • User login SDK-module: including the ability for users to register and log in directly through email, and at the same time generate the corresponding on-chain address for them through the interface of IRIS wallet address creation and connection;

  • Fiat trading SDK-module: including the function that users can deposit USD to our platform and trade in the form of IRIS tokens with the support of our backend, and users can also withdraw IRIS tokens into USD fiat through the services like Kado, etc.

  • Advertising integration SDK-module: including cooperative promotion with advertisements. The creators have the options to choose whether to incorporate certain advertisements into their created game or not. Part of the advertisement revenue will be return to the creator of this game.

  • On-chain game reward system SDK-module: including the creators setting corresponding IRIS NFT badges based on game levels. Players will receive corresponding on-chain medals after reaching relevant achievements.

4) One-click deployment to more than 30 channels
Except from deploying the games in our own platform, we encourage the creators to deploy in other popular channels to gain more active users. With the one-click deployment function, we aim to make the games to be easily published to more than 30 channels (e.g. App store, Google play, Microsoft edge, Steam platform, Discord, Tiktok mini-program, etc.) to enjoy and experience, and effectively engaging users across various channels.

5) Seamlessly integration of Web2 users
In our platform, all users will be able to log in using conventional login methods (email, phone number, google account and etc.) and Web3 wallet. For Web2 users who log in via conventional methods, our platform will automatically generate the corresponding on-chain address for them. All user’s interaction throughout the gaming process will seamlessly be integrated into the blockchain. For Web2 user payments, they can top up their accounts to our platform with USD fiat. When users make transactions, our platform backend will automatically convert their USD into IRIS tokens for seamless transactions, the blockchain transaction process are insensible to the users. Therefore, a larger user base will connect to the IRIS ecosystem through our platform.

3. What and how would you/your project improve the IRISnet ecosystem?

1) Massive adoption of blockchain technology through AI gaming to billions of users
Our project has the capability to attract a substantial number of Web2/Web3 users to engage in our AI-based text-to-game creation space. With massive amount of interesting games and also onboarding Web2 user in a seamlessly way to the blockchain, we aim to onboard billions of users into our gaming platform just like the “Steam” platform and lead to the massive adoption of blockchain in the gaming sectors.

2) Create massive games on IRISnet
Our goal is to create one game within one hour, effortlessly and efficiently! We aim to generate one million games on IRISnet, offering a rich variety of choices for all game types. We plan to develop a revolutionary AI-based text-to-game creation space on IRISnet. It is a milestone for our game platform development. With this AI-based text-to-game creation space, the users can quickly create games through simply inputting text descriptions. It will significantly lower the technical barriers to the game development and enable anyone to become a game designer, thereby unleashing endless creativity and imagination.

3) Generate substantial NFT transactions on IRISnet
By integrating with our marketplace, creators can easily issue NFTs and also trade other digital assets. It will empower a vibrant community of creators and players. This will continually motivate creators to produce original and high quality contents, and trade their contents as NFTs through our marketplace, which will greatly enhance NFT transaction volume on IRISnet.

4. What is your detailed work plan?

For this proposal, we will proceed with development based on the following work plan.

Milestone 1: AI game assets generation tools and the marketplace for game assets trading on IRISnet

Duration: 6 weeks

  1. AI Tools for generating game-related assets:
  • Text-to-image tool: Develop AI models to enable users to generate game images from text input. Furthermore, develop the function of customizing AI image generation model. Users just need to upload their favored style images (e.g. the users’ facial images, futurism style images, cartoon style images, etc.), then the customized AI model will generated the images as the same style they uploaded. The content generated by AI tools can also be issued as NFT on IRISnet.

  • Text-to-3D-panorama tool: Develop and finetune the AI models for 3D panorama generation in game context. Provide the function that enable users to generate the 3D panorama from text input. The content generated by AI tools can also be issued as NFT on IRISnet.

  • Text-to-audio tool: Develop and finetune the AI models for background music generation. Provide the function that enable users to generate the audio from text input. The content generated by AI tools can also be issued as NFT on IRISnet.

  • User login module: Provide the function that users can not only login with their IRIS wallet, but also login with the conventional method of email address.

  • UI/UX design for AI tools: Design the UI/UX interface for AI tools, offering users a visualized interface for using AI tools.

  1. Marketplace for IRIS assets:
  • Trading and displaying functions of game assets:

    • 1/ Prop assets in gameplay, including:
      • Equipment NFT: This includes the weapons (swords, axes, bows, guns, wands, etc.), vehicles such as airplanes and tanks, all enhancing the player’s gaming experience.
      • Prop NFT: This includes items like magic potions and enchanted keys.
      • Rare asset NFT: This includes game gems, rare materials, and other valuable items.
    • 2/ Material assets for creation, including:
      • Character NFT: This includes various types of game characters.
      • Game background NFT: This includes background image, 3D panoramas of cityscapes and snowy mountains, etc, which are suitable for different scenes and styles of games.
      • Sound effect NFT: This includes a variety of game music and sound effects in different styles.
  • The above mentioned assets for gameplay and creation have following functions:

    • 1/ Game-related NFT trading module:
      • Issuance of Game-related NFT: Provide the function that the creators can issue their created contents as NFTs on IRISnet, by setting metadata such as the name, pricing information, description, and list them on the marketplace.
      • Purchase of Game-related NFT: Provide the function that the users can browse the game-related NFTs, and purchase them by topping up the USD, and trading in the form of IRIS tokens on the marketplace. The purchased game-related NFTs can be directly used for the creation and gameplay phase.
      • Sales of Game-related NFT: Users can sell their own NFTs on the marketplace in IRIS tokens.
    • 2/ Game-related NFT displaying module:
      • Marketplace mainpage: All the game-related NFTs can be displayed on the mainpage of the marketplace.
      • Game-related NFT detail viewing page: The details of the NFT (including the creator’s name, the number, the category, etc.) can be displayed on the detailed page.
      • Game-related NFT searching function: Provide the searching functions for game assets on the marketplace.
      • “My asset” page: Provide the function that the users can view all the NFTs that they own.
  • UI/UX design for FindTruman marketplace: Offer a user-friendly platform for trading game-related assets.

  1. User login function:
    Provide the function that users can not only login with their IRIS wallet, but also login with the conventional method of email address.

Milestone 2: AI-based text-to-game studio and gameplay space

Duration: 7 weeks

  1. AI-based text-to-game studio

    • 1/ Game management panel

      • Game template selection function: Offer a variety of game templates for creators to utilize and customize, including casual games, shooting games, etc. Creators have the option to engage in game development based on existing templates, or directly develop their original games.
      • “My project” function: Showcase the games that the users have created, with options for further editing and refinement.
    • 2/ Game coding panel

      • Interactive AI chat for game code creation: Develop the AI-powered game code generation tool by incorporating our self-developed AI engine including virtual AI requirements analyst, AI development engineers, etc. It can enable users to produce high-quality game code through chatting with the AI game code generation tool in natural language.
    • 3/ Game run panel

      • Real-time running module: Provide the function that directly transforms the AI-generated game code into a playable game for creators to evaluate and test-play. This gives creators real-time feedback about the gaming effect.
    • 4/ Game debug panel

      • Code display module: Provide a function that enables users to inspect and modify the generated game code.
    • 5/ Game deploy panel

      • Deploy the created game to gameplay space: Provide the function that the finished game can be assembled as a package integrating game code and game assets, published on our gameplay platform, and generate shareable links for game enjoyment.
  2. Gameplay space

    • 1/ Popular games displaying function: Highlight popular games on the main page.
    • 2/ Game Interaction: Allow users to engage with the published games directly online.
    • 3/ Incentive mechanism: Implement a point system where users will receive IRIS on-chain badges and points for engaging with games. This incentive system may be used for future credential of participation.
  3. UI/UX of AI-based text-to-game studio and gameplay space: Provide a visualized interface for users to generate games by AI and enjoy the gameplays.

Milestone 3: Project launch & Marketing on Chinese mainland

Duration: 7 weeks
Stage 1. Seed Users Accumulation (Target Market: Chinese Mainland)

  1. Develop ~10 in-house games based on AI-based text-to-game creation space.
  2. Attract 2,000 players to play the games in our platform, through:
    • Incentives for playing games,
    • Incentives for inviting referee,
    • Promotion in gaming platforms,
    • etc.

Stage 2. Chinese Mainland Creator growth (Target Market: Chinese Mainland)

  1. Host 1 competition for AI game creation:
    • Attract 100 creators to participate;
    • Create more than 100 games;
    Targeted participants:
    • Creators from “WoShiMe” professional writer community.
    • Game design major students from 10 universities;
    • Junior game developers;
  2. Attract 20,000 players to play the games in our platform, through:
    • Promotion by the participants of AI game creation competition,
    • Offline promotional activities,
    • etc.

Milestone 4: Overseas User Expansion

Duration: 10 weeks
Overseas User Expansion (Target Market: Southeast Asia)

  1. Host 2 competitions for AI game creation:
    • Attract 500 creators to participate
    • Create more than 500 games
    Targeted participants:
    • Students from 30 universities
    • Junior game developers
    • Gaming guild
  2. Attract 100,000 players to play the games in our platform, through:
    • Co-host the gameplay events with more Southeast Asian gaming communities,
    • Promote our platform in some major gaming events,
    • Engage with third-party promotion platforms for game promotion,
    • etc.

5. What kind of resources are being requested?

Our team is excited about the building the project on IRISnet ecosystem and contributing to our shared success. However, since the project’s functions are complex to realize, necessitates a high costs in development. To ease our financial burden and incentivize our team, we seek funding from IRISnet’s grant program to support the partial cost of the hardware resource and the labor cost of our developers. We plan to request a total of $55,000 in grants, based on the milestone setting of the project. The budget will be allocated and used as follows:

  • Milestone 1: 12,000 USD
  • Milestone 2: 18,000 USD
  • Milestone 3: 7,000 USD
  • Milestone 4: 18,000 USD

Moreover, to sustain the growth and development of our project, we may seek further support from the IRISnet community and ecosystem, including exploring potential collaborations, partnerships, or funding opportunities that align with both FindTruman and IRISnet’s vision and goals.

6. Future roadmap

After the above milestones finished, we will launch the fundraising:

  1. 2024.09—Launch of the AI-based text-to-game creation space
  2. 2024.11—Marketing on Chinese mainland users
    • Accumulate 20k users
  3. 2025.02—Marketing on Chinese mainland users & Southeast Asian users
    • Accumulate 100k users
    • Seed round fund raising: 200k~500k USD
    • Revenue: 90k USD
  4. 2025.12—Marketing on European and American users
    • Accumulate 1 million users
    • VC fund raising: 1 million USD
    • Revenue: 1.2 million USD
  5. 2026.12—Marketing on global users
    • Accumulate 5 million users
    • VC Fund raising: 10 million USD
    • Revenue: 8.5 million USD

Are you serious? Is it okay to promote blockchain applications to users in mainland China? Have you conducted any research on compliance risks?

Thank you for your comments. We hope the following answers will address your concerns.

  1. Currently, the mainland Chinese government strongly supports the development of blockchain technology as one of the main digital technologies in the next 10 years. In academy, we can also find that many CS professors in mainland Chinese universities are conducting blockchain-related research. Numerous blockchain related applications are used in mainland China.

  2. Like all governments, what the mainland China government has cracked down hard on are crypto mining, scam projects or the unauthorized issuance of fungible tokens related to rug users, which is not the case for our project.

  3. The user acquisition plan of mainland China users in our Milestone 3 aims to leverage the creators we have already attracted previously in our Web2 community, encouraging them to create more story contents on our platform and also attract their fans to engage with our platform. This process mainly focuses on user engagement in gameplay, and rarely involves the on-chain asset. Moreover, if there is any policy change in mainland China, we will flexibly adjust our marketing plan by turning into the Southeast Asia users instead of the mainland China users, and we can still keep the user target set in Milestone 3.

  4. The user acquisition in Milestone 3 serves as the seed user acquisition. Our primary marketing focus remains on the users of Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. As indicated in Milestone 4, our future user growth plans are focused on global markets.

To the best of my knowledge, there is currently no permission for public chain applications to operate for C-end users in mainland China. Existing blockchain applications are based on compliant consortium chains. In addition, IRISnet does not seem to provide services to users in mainland China.

Thank you for your advice regarding our Milestone 3. We will adjust our marketing strategy for Milestone 3 to target Southeast Asian users rather than mainland China users. This will help us avoid any potential compliance issue.