[Draft] Sentiment Proposal #21: IRISnet Mainnet Hard-Fork Upgrade


We’re proposing a hard-fork mainnet upgrade to deal with the buggy cosmos-sdk v0.46.5 used by irishub v1.4.1, among other things.

Here are reasons why we prefer a hard-fork approach:

  • The v0.47+ cosmos-sdk release we are looking to depend on has quite a few State Machine breaking changes, it would be easier and safer to migrate to those with a hard-fork upgrade.
  • With a hard-fork upgrade, the mainnet starts afresh with a much smaller state snapshot, which will help node operators to cope with the large and growing storage burden (~1TB right now).

In fact, the mainnet is expected to process more transactions after the upcoming Game of NFTs (scheduled for Q1 2023) as we are bound to see cross-chain NFT dApps get deployed and become popular. Furthermore, there have been on-going appeals from various community developers for an EVM on the mainnet, which we are seriously considering to respond to around Q1-Q2 next year.

To summarize, a hard-fork upgrade will bring the mainnet up to a much more stable version of cosmos-sdk in a low-risk manner, while “cleaning the slate” for bustling dApp activities expected from early 2023.

Governance Votes

Voting options and what they mean for this proposal:

  • YES - You approve of executing a hard-fork upgrade and are ready to support
  • NO - You don’t approve of a hard-fork upgrade. Please indicate why under this post.
  • NO WITH VETO - A ‘NoWithVeto’ vote indicates that you believe this proposal is completely not helpful or will potentially jeopardize community trust. If the number of ‘NoWithVeto’ votes is greater than a third of the total votes, the proposal will be rejected and the deposits are burned.
  • ABSTAIN - You wish to contribute to the quorum but you decline to vote either for or against the proposal.

We sincerely invite you to discuss and share your thoughts and concerns on this.