Draft Proposal for Uptick on IRISnet Marketplace Upgrade and Joint Event with IRISnet for ICS-721 Use Case


The Uptick NFT Marketplace on IRISnet is one of the earliest marketplaces in the Cosmos Ecosystem, having been launched in 2021. It is also a key application on IRISnet and has generated the majority of IRISnet’s native NFTs. The IRISnet team continues to make progress in NFT interoperability technology, with their most recent contribution being ICS-721.

With the upgrades to the IRISnet mainnet, the NFT cross-chain functionality has become the latest and most important feature to be released. As the developer and operator of the Uptick NFT Marketplace on IRISnet, we are planning to make the corresponding upgrade.

To enable users to familiarize themselves with and experience NFT cross-chain operations, and to allow them to truly appreciate the value of the underlying ICS-721 through practical, application-level operations, we will propose two updates:

  1. Update both the Uptick Marketplace on IRISnet and the Uptick Chain Marketplace to support NFT cross-chain functionality. This will be a supporting upgrade following the main network upgrade.

  2. Organize an event themed around NFT cross-chain activities (Game of NFT IBC Transfer Challenge) and warmly invite community members to actively participate. This event will provide an opportunity to experience one of the key features of this upgrade: the NFT cross-chain transfer.

Running this campaign would be impossible without a partner for cross-chain activity, so we have designed the campaign to be between IRISnet and Uptick Network. On the Uptick Network side, the mainnet will undergo an upgrade to support ICS-721 and will also enable the internal conversion of NFTs between Cosmos native and EVM formats. The preparation on the Uptick Network side will be handled by the Uptick infra team. This aspect of the effort is not included in this proposal.

We are committed to guiding participants towards a comprehensive understanding of NFT cross-chain technology in an engaging manner, ensuring they experience NFT cross-chain operations throughout the event. At the same time, we aim for this event to inject more vitality into both communities, increase participation, and provide rewards to attendees.


  • The development and upgrade of the Uptick Marketplace on IRISnet for ICS-721 support will require approximately three weeks, beginning on January 29, 2024.

  • The Game of NFT IBC Transfer Challenge is expected to span three weeks, starting from February 21, 2024, and concluding on March 13, 2024.

Event Rules

  • Collect the event NFT listed by Uptick Official for free and perform a cross-chain transfer to the target marketplace. Then list the NFT at a specified price. Uptick Official will distribute ‘Token Reward A’ by purchasing NFTs that meet the requirements. In addition, participants will receive an ‘Interchain NFT Pioneer’ NFT after the event ends.

  • If you help promote the challenge, send the specified Tweet as requested, and submit the Google form, we will airdrop ‘Token Reward B’ after the event concludes.

  • Please note that the Game of NFT IBC Transfer Challenge will be launched in both the Uptick on IRISnet Marketplace and the Uptick Chain Marketplace, catering to two different marketplace users. You can participate in both challenges simultaneously, but the rewards for each challenge cannot be claimed repeatedly.


  • IRIS Reward for Participants: 500 IRIS per person for 500 people, totaling 250,000 IRIS.

  • Product Development and Upgrade: 200,000 IRIS allocated for the upgrade of Uptick on IRISnet Marketplace to support ICS-721.

  • Promotion and Operational Support (including Media and KOLs distributions): 100,000 IRIS.

    Total: 550,000 IRIS Tokens