[Draft] Proposal #47 Integrating HashKey DID: Providing a multi-chain identity infrastructure for the IRIS ecosystem, enhancing Web3 user experience, and fostering ecosystem prosperity

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*Description of your company/project.

HashKey DID is a multi-chain decentralised identity data aggregator powered by smart contract, NFT, and privacy protection decentralized protocol to provide identity services to Web3 users. Just one ID, you can interact across different chains.

As an essential piece of Web3 infrastructure in the HashKey ecosystem, the fundamental goal of HashKey DID is to build a community-governed HashKey DID DAO together with users. In addition to product development, Hashkey DID is continually expanding the application scenarios for .key to enhance user adoption. Presently, HashKey DID has achieved over 1.1 million registered users, collaborates with more than 30 partners, and supports 6 blockchains. This extensive reach covers diverse ecosystems and language regions, further contributing to its widespread adoption.

About our team:Each member of the HashKey DID team has an average of 5+ years of blockchain industry building experience, as well as experience for node operation, DeFi, NFT, LSD, and other types of project.Team members have been paying attention to the development of IRISnet network since 2017 and participated in the testnet and Hackathon, where we won awards. We expect to continue contributing to the IRISnet network ecosystem in the future.

*What and how would you/your project improve the IRISnet ecosystem?

  • HashKey DID is the only platform-level digital identity product in the HashKey ecosystem. HashKey Group is a highly reputable digital asset financial services group in Asia. Thus, the integration between HashKey DID and IRISnet will mutually enhance their international reputation and influence.

  • HashKey DID has been operational for 1 year, and the number of registered addresses has reached 1 million. Its multi-chain support feature facilitates the integration of various ecosystems. Therefore, after supporting the IRISnet network, users will enjoy seamless interaction within the IRISnet ecosystem. Additionally, we will provide an OST (Onchain Soul Token) deployment tool based on the ERC-721 protocol on IRISnet, offering opportunities for collaboration and project partners within the HashKey ecosystem to release OSTs on IRISnet.

    • For Web3 users: Registering HashKey DID through IRISnet will result in faster processing and lower gas fees. Furthermore, through regular community activities, we aim to attract users to explore and engage with other applications within the IRISnet ecosystem.
    • For developers/project teams: Firstly, we provide a convenient and clear Open API for developers to quickly integrate with HashKey DID and access relevant services. Using .key for ID interactions is more transparent and user-friendly than using addresses, thereby improving the user experience of applications. Secondly, the OST (Onchain Soul Token) deployment tool will enable communities/project teams to focus on user needs and community operations without requiring extensive technical development capabilities, facilitating rapid OST deployment. Lastly, HashKey DID has already accumulated a large user base from other ecosystems. Once the product supports IRISnet, users from other public chains will have the opportunity to explore IRISnet through HashKey DID. Through appropriate marketing activities and incentive strategies, we will guide applications that have integrated with HashKey DID, encouraging Web3 users/projects to migrate towards the IRISnet ecosystem.

***What is your detailed work plan? **

We will be building a comprehensive HashKey DID foundational identity system on IRISnet, enabling users to register HashKey DID through IRISnet and synchronize their .key from other chains. Users will be able to view and manage personal identities and address resolution on IRISnet. Additionally, we will provide developers with relevant Open API and other tools. Furthermore, we plan to offer an OST (Onchain Soul Token) deployment tool based on the ERC-721 protocol on IRISnet, providing a service for HashKey and IRISnet’s ecosystem partners and projects to release OSTs on IRISnet.

Product Development:Supporting IRISnet network

Phase1: 9.01-10.15
HashKey DID product and UI design;

Development of HashKey DID on IRISnet:

- DID registration contract on IRISnet, functionalities for displaying and querying DID information.;
- DID crosschain contract on IRISnet;

- User identity registration and management system, Web3 profile, OpenAPI documents.

Phase2: 10.16-11.17
Development of OST service on IRISnet base on ERC-721 protocol. Functionalities of OST service:

  • OST service (issue and management OST contract/ OST);
  • OST rule configuration system(Verify DID or NFTs on IRISnet,Verify other rules like white list);
  • Front-end interactive interface for users claim OST.

Phase2: 11.18-12.20

Contract auditing(SlowMist) and product launch.

Marketing & Operations:Building IRISnet Community Together & Enhancing User’s Web3 Experience

• Expanding the usability of HashKey DID by integrating it into the ecosystem of IRISnet. This involves collaborating with IRISnet Dapp developers and connecting HashKey DID to popular applications such as wallets, gamefi, and NFT marketplaces.

• Establish a strong HashKey DID IRISnet community. Through targeted marketing activities and community-building initiatives, attract users to interact with the IRISnet ecosystem and encourage them to register and actively use HashKey DID.

*How will the improvement that you provide be quantitatively measured?

After completing the integration of HashKey DID with the IRISnet network, and following a substantial period of market operations, we firmly believe that prominent events such as Token2049 and the Global Web3 Summit hosted by HashKey will significantly enhance the reputation of IRISnet. Moreover, through frequent community activities, a vast number of Web3 users will interact with and gain insights into the IRISnet ecosystem, resulting in an estimated registration or synchronization of over 100,000 users to IRISnet within a year. Simultaneously, HashKey DID will strive to cover a wide range of DID use cases within the IRISnet ecosystem.Furthermore, HashKey DID will continuously expand its external application scenarios, enlarging our partner network from the current 30+ to 60+.

*What kind of resources are being requested?

We are highly enthusiastic about joining the IRISnet ecosystem and fostering mutual growth. However, the project involves multiple intricate functionalities, resulting in higher development costs. We also aspire to receive IRISnet’s grants to alleviate the financial pressure on our team, which would serve as a significant motivation for the team and further advance subsequent community activities. Therefore, we anticipate applying for a total of $50,000 in grants, based on the overall progress of the project. The Foundation and community can disburse the funds in stages according to the completion of our milestones.

The budget will be allocated and used as follows:

Milestone 1: 20,000 USD

Milestone 2: 25,000 USD

Milestone 3: 5,000 USD

By fostering a vibrant community, we can drive user participation and strengthen the overall usage and awareness of HashKey DID. Additionally, to sustain the growth and development of our project, we may seek further support from the IRISnet community and ecosystem. This could include exploring potential collaborations, partnerships, or funding opportunities that align with both Hashkey DID and IRISnet’s vision and goals.

Recent activity-related product data as shown in the graph, sourced from Google Analytics.

Milestone 1 proposal: Milestone 1 Delivery Report on HashKey DID for IRISnet

You are doing very well, I’m very proud of you, and your team.

From Ken IRISnet main/Philippines

Milestone 2 proposal: [Milestone 2 Delivery Report on HashKey DID for IRISnet]