[Draft] Proposal #30: Renew Incentives for GRAV/IRIS, USDC/IRIS, WETH/IRIS Pools

Dear IRISgardians,

The Incentives Program for three Farming Pools (GRAV/IRIS, USDC/IRIS, WETH/IRIS) on CoinSwap.Market will be due soon (https://irishub.iobscan.io/#/gov/proposals/18). This proposal requests approval to allocate 4,700,000 IRIS from the community pool to renew incentives to these three pools to maintain deep liquidity and be distributed over 180 days.

The Gravity Bridge blockchain is the trustless, neutral bridge between Ethereum and the Cosmos ecosystem. Built using the Cosmos SDK, it uses the validator set to sign transactions, instead of a multi-sig or permissioned set of actors.

If this proposal passes governance, the requested IRIS will be allocated to the recipient address and will be added as incentives to three pools on CoinSwap.Market (https://coinswap.market/farm).