[Draft Proposal #23] Philippines IRISnet University tour

Dear IRISgardians,

I am writing to propose a university tour for educational purposes for a group of hundreds to thousands from differetn schools (Example Ateneo De Davao) and organization here in Davao City, Philippines. This tour is aimed at providing the students with an opportunity to explore and learn more about IRISnet, NFT Marketplace of Uptick and how IBC works.

The proposed university tour will take place on April and will include the following activities:

  1. Guided Campus Tour: The students will be given a full IRISnet brochure or card that explaining IRISnet and Cosmos, and it wil given to the campus and teachers.

  2. Information Sessions: The students will attend information sessions on the IRISnet academic programs offered by the university. These sessions will provide them with an opportunity to learn about Blockchain, IBC, IRISnet, how NFT’s works, history in crypto and more topics under IRISnet and Cosmos Ecosystem.

  3. I will also meet with Professors and building connections for the future references: The students will have the opportunity to meet with professors from different departments to learn more about the research and academic work being conducted at the university.

  4. Student Life: The students will be given the opportunity to interact with us to learn more about the IRISnet and Cosmos Ecosystem.

  5. Admissions Process: The students will be given an overview of the admissions process, including tips for blockchain 101, how to start in web3, and why this is important.

  6. Strong community support: IRISnet will build strong community of developers and enthusiasts who are actively engaged in supporting and promoting the educational program. This ensures that learners have access to a supportive community that can help them with any questions or challenges they may encounter.

IRISnet is a blockchain network that aims to provide a foundation for the next generation of distributed applications. This educational program is designed to help developers and enthusiasts learn more about blockchain technology and how to build on the IRISnet network in the future.

I believe that this university tour will provide and help those students to explore about IBC, IRISnet and Cosmos ecosystem with a valuable learning experience, we can help them to make decisions and encourage them about their future programming, building about IBC and more.

We anticipate that we can meet thousands of students, and they will participate in this tour, by the help of the universities head and facilities.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope to finalize the details of the proposed university tour at your earliest convenience.

Ken Berry

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