【Draft Proposal#23】Make IRISnet the Sponsor of Game of NFTs Phase 2 Hackathon

Dear IRISgardians,

Interchain NFTs have landed in Cosmos — and this is HAPPENING with Game of NFTs.

Game of NFTs is an event with public incentivized testing and a hackathon where you can test the Interchain NFTs and build your NFT applications.The Interchain Foundation, Cosmos Hub, IRISnet, Stargaze, Juno, OmniFlix, Uptick, and many other teams dedicated themselves in supporting the Game of NFTs (hereunder referred to as “GoN”). And it’s right out there! The GoN Phase 1 Incentivized Testing is well underway, which has received more than 500 signups in 5 days, getting good traction on validator and developer interest.

In addition to testing, we believe use cases are vital for a technology. Therefore, a multi-chain hackathon is planned after phase 1, where you are able to approach Interchain NFTs, build on top of it, communicate your ideas, and connect with teams and institutions in and beyond Cosmos, such as AWS, HashKey Capital and IDG Capital. For this reason, we’re bringing up this proposal to create and fund the IRISnet challenge in GoN Phase 2 Hackathon.

View the GoN website: https://interchainnfts.dev/gon/

Proposal Details

This proposal is requesting USD $50k in IRIS from the IRISnet Community Pool to make IRISnet the sponsor of Game of NFTs and cover the prizes of GoN Phase 2 Hackathon IRISnet challenge.

As a sponsor of GoN Phase 2 Hackathon, IRISnet will be able to own a track with a IRISnet challenge which will bring talented NFT projects into IRISnet ecosystem, and benefits our community. And this is aligned with our mission to become the Interchain NFT Hub.

The prize pool of IRISnet challenge will be:

  • 1st Place: $25k in IRIS
  • 2nd Place: $15k in IRIS
  • 3rd Place: $10k in IRIS

Note that the judges will award prizes only in case the submissions are of high quality and meet all the criteria outlined in the challenges.

*The IRIS amount will be calculated using the 7-day average closing prices before the date this proposal is submitted on chain for voting.

In case this proposal is successful, the multisig which is assigned to distribute the tokens to the winners are:

  • HarveyXi | IRISnet
  • Jeffrey Hu | HashKey Capital
  • Brian Xin | Uptick

To help you better understand Interchain NFTs and the Game of NFTs, please read through the following content:

What are Interchain NFTs and why do we need them?

Supported by Interchain Foundation, Interchain NFTs are developed by Bianjie and enabled by the ICS-721 Interchain NFT Transfer standard

  • “The NFT Module (x/nft) is a Cosmos-style native module that allows users to conduct NFT-related queries and build NFT applications. The original version of the open-source NFT module was adopted by Cosmos chains including IRISnet and Crypto.org to create their own NFT marketplaces. Given these positive outcomes from the ecosystem, this module further improved its design and was included in the Cosmos SDK with better capability and support for the IBC protocol.”
  • “The Interchain Standard (ICS-721) is an application layer protocol that allows cross-chain NFT interoperability between IBC-enabled chains (both homogeneous and heterogeneous). The standard designed the packet data structure, state machine handling logic, and encoding details for NFT transfer over IBC channels between two x/nft modules on separate chains. To make this standard more secure, compatible, and universal, its functionality considered smart contracts, metadata mutability, and batch transfers.”

Interchain NFTs will bring the cross-chain NFT capacity to IRISnet, and take interoperability on IRISnet to a new level.

Governance Votes

  • YES - You approve of funding $50k equivalent IRIS to the Prize Pool of the GoN Phase 2 Hackathon.
  • NO - You reject this funding request.
  • NO WITH VETO - You believe that this proposal is not beneficial to the Network.

If the number of ‘NoWithVeto’ votes exceeds a third of the total votes, the proposal will be rejected and the deposits be burned.

  • ABSTAIN - You wish to contribute to the quorum but you decline to vote either for or against the proposal.

We’d be grateful if you could take a minute to go through this draft and provide feedback and opinions either regarding the completeness of the draft or the GoN event itself.

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