[Draft] Proposal#15: Incentives for IOV/IRIS farming pool

IRISnet will create IOV/IRIS liquidity pool and its corresponding farming pool on CoinSwap, to bring more liquidity to both IRISnet and Starname ecosystem.

This proposal is to request approval to allocate 540,000 IRIS from the community pool to provide incentives to IOV/IRIS pool on CoinSwap and to be distributed over a period of 180 days.

Starname is an asset name service in the Cosmos ecosystem, which can be used to claim your part of the blockchain to use for decentralized identification, payments, and ownership. In November 2021, Starname released *irisnet as a community badge for the IRISnet ecosystem. Naming service is one of the key Web3 infrastructures, so in order to enable Web3, IRISnet will gradually give more support to Starnname and also their naming service in our ecosystem.

If this proposal passes governance, the requested IRIS will be allocated to the recipient address (iaa1kuppkguz0llfhzy620az30ujwa5363awz54xgk), and added to the IOV/IRIS farming pool as incentives, when the pools go live on CoinSwap (https://coinswap.market/).

Can you elaborate a bit more why there is a need for a particular IOV/IRIS pool? And not have a conversion via IRIS/XX and then XX/IOV?
Since it will be quite a unique pool, which might not attract much liquidity. And in that case it does not make much sense to create a pool with a $10k-ish incentive on it…

IOV and IRIS are currently connected via IBC therefore there’s no need to swap to another asset. The most important drive for opening the IOV/IRIS pool is to active both IRISnet and Starname ecosystems, everyone who’s interested and engaged in this pair should be entitled to the incentives provided.

Ofcourse, but what is the expectation of liquidity?
Please note that IOV only have $50k liquidity on Osmosis at this point in time with major pairings like ATOM and OSMO against it.

So my best guess is that you might be able to a few k dollar liquidity on an IRIS/IOV pool which you will incentivize with more than $10k of incentives… not realistic or beneficial for the long run since when the incentives go away it will just be another obscure pool