User Guide|Coinswap Integrated Keplr Wallet

On August 18th, Coinswap Web App new version kicks online with the exciting new feature — — the integration of Keplr wallet!

Changes in the new version include:
• You can choose to connect to Keplr now when exploring in Coinswap
• All transactions can be smoothly completed with one device

Follow the steps below to start exploring the new version!

1. Connect to Your Kelpr Wallet in Coinswap

• Go to the Coinswap Web App and connect to your Keplr wallet
• Click【Connect to your wallet】and choose Keplr
• Click 【INSTALL for Chrome】to install the Keplr extension in your browser

*Note that install will only succeed when using a Chromium-based browser.

• Remember to REFRESH the page by clicking the “refresh” button, otherwise the page may not be displayed correctly

• Click the【manage extensions】column and make sure the Keplr extension is switched ON
• Click the extension in the toolbar and log in your Keplr account
• Click the 【APPROVE】 button in the pop-up window to confirm your connection

Now you have successfully connected to your Keplr wallet! Start exploring!

2. Confirm and Approve Transactions RIGHT ON THE WEB PAGE

The following steps take swap transactions for example, but the confirmation process is applicable to all transactions with Keplr in Coinswap.

• Go to the【Coinswap】page, select tokens, and enter the amount you want to swap :point_down:
• Confirm the swap information in the pop-up window RIGHT ON THE PAGE
• Click【Approve】in the pop-up window RIGHT ON THE PAGE
• Now the transaction is completed!

Note that the transaction procedures remain unchanged, please refer to the general guide for more information and instructions: