Update post about proposal #6

First of all we would like to give our thanks to everyone that participated and shared their opinion through voting in proposal #6 (https://irishub.iobscan.io/#/ProposalsDetail/6). As per agreement we requested total budget of $6850 for our first month’s campaign. We received a total of 101471 IRIS and converted for $7600 the excess will be keep for safe keeping until the end of the 2nd phase voting of proposal #6 (2nd month). We will deduct the excess budget for the next month’s proposal for proposal #6 (2nd month).

• If proposal #6 (2nd month) fail to pass. The excess money will be returned to community tax pool.

• We will also post every update of proposal #6 on this thread.

United we stand, divided we fall


Due to unforseen circumstances regarding TikTok’s banning against influencer sharing cryptocurrencies on their platform we have to make some adjustments and also, we need to confirm a few things before proceeding. I hope everyone understand.

We apologize to any inconveniences to the current situation that Tiktok implemented during this attack to blockchain.

We are assessing and gathering every information we can find.

Thank you for understanding.