Tokens disappeared

Hi there, for a reason unknown to me, I seem to have lost my tokens. I decided to stake them but I’m not sure what I touched that caused all of my tokens to disappear. I’d really appreciate any assistance that I can get now please to recover them.

Where did you stake it?


I have the same problem, I sent mny iris coins to Rainbow wallet from Bibox Exchange, but the transaccion was failed and my coins dissapear.

what I can do?

please help us

The coins all disappeared whilst I was attempting to stake them.

I don’t know what I did wrong. Coins are not supposed to disappear from a wallet. This is not a case of me losing my Mimonic or seeds words. I have all of those information but my coins are nowhere to be found. Worse still, my wallet says 0.000 balance!!

Mine did the same thing. i sent a test transfer first from bibox to my rainbow wallet and it was successful and then i sent the rest of my balance and it says successful on bibox but when you click on view to see the transaction on irishub it says failed because of invalid date UTC and my tokens are nowhere to be found? what can be done

Hi ZodiacWizard, could you very kindly assist me? Like I’ve already stated, I had not staked my Iris coins but was in the process of doing so when my coins disappeared. Could I receive assistance with recovering my coins please? This had never happened to me before and I really need my tokens which I paid for so I’d very much appreciate some assistance.

Hi :slight_smile: is your app updated with the latest version?
Could you please share your iris address, so that I can check on-chain what could be the issue?