Proposal#51 Milestone 1 Deliverables Report on FindTruman for IRISnet

We are delighted to share that we have successfully completed Milestone(#1). To showcase our progress, we have prepared a video that highlights the key features. We are already working on Milestone(#2) and are confident that we can complete it on time.

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Here are our milestones and deliverables:

Milestone 1 [Status: DONE]
Duration: 6 weeks
Funds request: 12,000 USD

  • Design UI/UX of story releasing functions.
  • Develop the function of issuing story content on IRISnet. The creators can freely release their own stories, and update their stories according to readers’ feedbacks.
  • Develop the function of Story-NFT on IRISnet. The creator could specify the related NFT information and issue the Story-NFT on IRISnet.

Milestone 2 [Status: IN PROGRESS]
Duration: 4 weeks
Funds request: 7,000 USD

  • Design UI/UX of co-creation functions.
  • Develop the co-creation functions. The creators could set the co-creation tasks, like translation, image design or 3D construction, and incentivize others to join the co-creation process with the rewards of Story-NFT on IRISnet. The user of the best work will be rewarded as the corresponding NFT after the creator’s review.
  • Gather ideas based on users’ feedback

Milestone 3 [Status: NOT START]
Duration: 4 weeks
Funds request: 6,000 USD

  • Design UI/UX of 3D scene story-gameplay.
  • Develop the customized 3D scene story-gameplay for IRISnet.
  • The story-gameplay will be opened to the IRISnet network members to experience and play. Collaborate with other projects in IRISnet, e.g. co-host AMA, games and other events.

Video Link:

1 – Brief introduction of FindTruman 00:00
2 – Previous works—3D Story-gameplay platform 02:29
3 – Story content on IRISnet 03:37
4 – Story NFT on IRISnet 05:31
5 – Purchase Story NFT on IRISnet 06:25

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