Newroad Capital - Introduction

Hi everyone,

A small introduction:
NewRoad.Capital started at the end of 2017 under the name TezosVote. After a successful start on Tezos network as Baker (validator), we made the switch to other POS blockchains. We are now also active on Cosmos and of course IRISnet under the name NewRoad.Capital

A little information about our setup:
We have a main and a backup validator. Both are in two different (Dutch) datacenter (in 2 availability-zones). They both have redundant power&(dedicated)network . The validators are behind a hardware firewall. They connected through a ddos protected vpn with our own hosted IRISnet nodes.

We have our own written monitoring software that keeps us informed with the health status of our two validator (and nodes) and warn us by email, sms or telegram notifications in case of a failure.

Where to find us:

Happy Staking!