My coins disappeared help me please


I decide to send my Bibox IRIS coins to Rainbow Wallet for staking, but the transaccion was failed, i attach the picture when I search the TxHash
where are muy coins?


I had problems with my Rainbow Wallet too. My IRIS tokens had been staking for quite a while with no problem, then one day I stopped receiving rewards from both validators I had chose. Also, the wallet would not let me to send my tokens anywhere (all attempt to send my IRIS to an external wallet failed). It happened around the time of the IRIS Mainnet launch, but I don’t know if these events are related. Of course, no one at responded to my multiple inquiries, but lack of support for crypto wallets is fairly commonplace.

I figured I’d try the classic first steps in trouble shooting technology products:
(1) Reboot the device - this didn’t work; (2) Delete the App, reinstall it, and then restore your IRIS wallet with the seed phrase–THIS WORKED! Upon restoring the wallet, both validators suddenly reappeared, along with the rewards that I thought I wasn’t getting; they had been accruing all along but were not being detected by the software. I thus concluded that something in the wallet must have just broken or wore out (if leather fiat wallets can wear out, maybe digital wallets can too).

If that doesn’t work, check to make sure that the tokens you bought on Bibox are Mainnet IRIS tokens. Some exchanges are slow with implementing Mainnet upgrades for tokens. [I learned that lesson with Bilaxy (the worst exchange ever). I lost a bunch of Mainnet QKC tokens at their exchange because they failed to mention that they were still trading ERC-20 QKC tokens–nearly two years after QKC’s Mainnet token launched. My QKC tokens are still stuck in Bilaxy’s ERC-20 token wallet (the two address formats are similar). Bilaxy won’t help unless I pay them]. Good luck!

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