[IRIS HUB] [Draft] Proposal 6 - Apply for part of tokens from Community Tax Pool for Promotion and Video Creation

Good day everyone.
I am Catz, an active member/trader from IRISNet community. I’ve been part of the IRISNet Community for more than a year now. My goal is to build a solid community that is active and healthy for IRISNet.

I believe IRIS community can do better than what it is now. For months now there are less and less activities that are happening in our community. Also, we are lacking contents that usually people look when they try to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I plan to change some of that with the use of content creators or influencers.

Meme coins have been targeting influencers for quite some time now. Most new users that don’t know much about blockchain are engaging or investing into meme coins because of these influencers. My plan varies from these types of marketing strategies. We will teach/educate people to know more about blockchain and what is the difference of Bitcoin, meme coins, and specially IRISNet. This will also help delegators, since one of the key topics is about staking, selecting delegators.
We will also create a twitter fan page that shares IRISNet community members that shares their stories about IRISNet.

For each month we will create 2 video contents that specifically gives information.

Here is the list of topics that we will share to our viewers:

⦁ Introduction to blockchain, difference of BTC, meme coins, and IRISNet.
⦁ In-depth explanation about IRISnet and the team behind IRISNet.
⦁ Use of IRISNet explorer, wallets, staking and the current uses of IRIS token.
⦁ Introduction to trading.
⦁ Advance trading, using stop-loss, targets, charts and when to cash out.
⦁ How to be part of a blockchain community, contributing, actively participating with events.

Both of our influencers will also provide tiktok vids sharing their ideas, advertisement style. Influencer B will also share short explanations about IRISNet on tiktok. Influencer A will mostly do some advertisement for IRISNet. They will also do giveaways on tiktok and youtube.
We will have 2 influencers to do different tasks.

Influencer A: Is well known locally and has pleasing personality. Will advertise IRISNet using her social media fan pages. This influencer also has wide range of followers that are mostly new to blockchain.

Influencer A will mainly work with getting more users on our platform. Influencer A will also plug the vids of influencer B if the followers decide to know more about IRISNet. We need influencer A since most blockchain influencers doesn’t have that much of followers unlike influencer A that has followers that are best suitable new users for our platform.

Influencer B: Blockchain blogger and most of his contents are about blockchain and proper investment. This influencer will also create vids about the key topics above and will be shared on his youtube page. He will also share short topics about blockchain on his tiktok account.

Influencers will also do some giveaways to attract more viewers as much as possible. There will be lot of prizes to be given like shirts, caps, stickers, keychain and some prize money. This way we could get more attention from our influencers viewers.

Also one of our goal is to add new members on IRISNet telegram channels and increase followers of IRISNet official twitter page.

Target users for IRISNet Twitter and Telegram:

For first month: 20k users/members
For second month: 40k users/members
For third month: 40k users/members
A total of 100k users/members in three months.

We will also create events to gives rewards to viewers to gain more attraction about what we are trying to share about our viewers.

Monthly Budget Distribution:
We are applying to get the funding distribution from the community pool.

Influencer #1: $1900
Influencer #2: $1900
Video editor: $600
Manager (Catz): $1000
foods, gas and other personnel expenses: $200
Giveaways and rewards for viewers: $1000
Materials for content creators (one-time payment): $250

First monthly budget is: $6850 (114894.3 IRIS or equivalent IRIS token)

Distribution of payment salary for workers are on weekly basis (Wed preferred by our influencers)

I’ll pass another proposal for next month and so on until we’ve reached three months, included are the results of the previous month. The budget will still stay the same except the materials for content creators.

Second month proposed budget is: IRIS tokens equivalent to $6600

Third month proposed budget is: IRIS tokens equivalent to $6600

Wallet address: iaa144duc4trkuyu8su9h0m0kja20h4nnr8evlsaxg

Building and achieving something is the greatest pleasures in life.

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I don’t think that marketing is the best way to use the community pool funds (and actually the full proposition here).
There is actually really more valuable thing that could be good to use the pool for:

  • More incensitive rewards in app.osmosis.zone with pools (1.3m pool, one of the lowest /ATOM pair…)
  • Usage for Gravity DEX incentive too

What do you think about it?

Thank you StakeLab for giving some thoughts about this. Imho that’s one way to attract users on our platform. But the problem is we don’t have enough users for that, that’s why I think, we need to push this marketing through. With this method we can get enough users that we could share our stake pools, rewards, and other services that can help them get rewarded using IRIS. This will benefit us all including validators.