How to made one Backup file from DataBase Iris


stop iris

if not stop iris= backup is not going to work.

after stopping the node

#Stop Iris

cd .iris

tar -czvf data.tar.gz data

#Now have a Backup file = data.tar.gz

#for applying the backup 

cd .iris

rm -rf data

tar -xzf data.tar.gz

iris start

#the node have to start the sync from the last block from the backup file.

Note: if the backup is from a sentry or validator node it’s the same, works for all the nodes.

I have this backup file from today before the network upgrade, for donwload=
link here when is ready.

wget '' -O data.tar.gz


wget '' -O data.tar.gz

Directs links

#for applying the backup from the IPSF node

#stop Iris

cd .iris

rm -rf data

wget '' -O data.tar.gz

tar -xzf data.tar.gz

#remove the file if need disk space

rm -r data.tar.gz

iris start



For upgrade

I think user don’t need stop node, if use systemd just replace old binary and restart


We already make a public irisnet mainnet blockchain data. (Not necessarily up to date, automatic backup every Tuesday)


need stop the node, i can confirm.
anyway think about
“if use systemd just replace old binary and restart” =
the db is the same
for update the node yes, no need stop.
for the backup file, need stop.


haha,sorry. I mean don’t need stop -> (do other thing) -> start to upgrade