Forbole - Introduction

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Who are Forbole?

Based in Hong Kong, Forbole is an active and contributing validator on Iris Hub and Cosmos Hub. Forbole is also the creator and operator of Big Dipper, a well-received block explorer for Iris and Cosmos ecosystems.

Why should you delegate your Iris to Forbole?

  • We ranked #1 in the Incentivised Testnet of Iris.We were one of the winners in the "never jailed" category of Game of Stakes and one of the four prize-winners of HackAtom3, both competitions were organized by Cosmos.
  • We have ranked within the top 20% validators on both Iris and Cosmos for most of the time since their launches
  • We are one of the very rare active Chinese validators in both Iris and Cosmos ecosystems with worldwide’s attention: Big Dipper has been visited by people from more than 2,000 cities of more than 120 countries
  • You can always talk to us in both English and Chinese
  • Our unique background and brand can help to promote Iris to the world and this would benefit every IRIS hodler.

Delegate your Iris to us: iva1msqqkd3v0gmullzwm56c4frevyczzxfeczvjru

Telegram: (English) (Chinese)


誰是 Forbole 布樂?

Forbole 總部設於香港,是同時於 Iris Hub 及 Cosmos Hub 作出貢獻的活躍驗証人。Forbole 亦是在 Iris 及 Cosmos 生態中廣受歡迎的 Big Dipper 北斗瀏覽器的創造及營運團隊。

為何要將你的 Iris 通証委托予 Forbole 布樂?

  • 我們在 Iris 的激勵測試網累計分數名列第一
  • 我們是 Cosmos 的權益爭奪賽 (Game of Stakes) 的從未被禁 (never jailed) 的組別的勝出者之一,我們亦是 Cosmos 的 HackAtom3 比賽中四隊獲奬團隊之一
  • 自從 Iris 及 Cosmos 主網上綫後,我們長期位列於兩個主網的驗証人中的首 20%
  • 我們是非常罕有同時活躍在 Iris 及 Cosmos 生態並獲得來自全球關注度的中國驗証人: Big Dipper 的訪客來自全球逾 120 個國家的逾 2,000 個城巿
  • 你們隨時可以跟我們以英文或中文溝通
  • 我們獨特的背景及品牌能助我們將 Iris 推廣至全球,而這對每位 Iris 通証持有人都是好事

委托你的 Iris 通証給我們: iva1msqqkd3v0gmullzwm56c4frevyczzxfeczvjru

電報群: (英文) (中文)