Figment Networks intro - IRISnet tax reporting & explorer

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Happy to be here representing Figment Networks
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Figment Networks is a security and compliance focused staking service provider. Drawing on years of data centre, software, and security experience, we offer industry-leading best practices to keep your tokens safe and optimized for maximum network rewards.

Based in Canada, we provide transparency, legal stability, and regulatory clarity. Our data centre, technical operations, and development team are based in Toronto, with team members located in New York City, Chicago, and Wyoming.

Figment Networks is a validator partner with Cosmos, Terra, and IRISnet, as well as other proof-of-stake networks, like Tezos. Why delegate to us?

  1. Large token-holders, institutional investors, and long-term believers trust us to be a secure and compliant validator.
  2. We provide our delegates with reports to make tax and financial reporting easier.
  3. Delegator fees are used to create tools like our IRISnet block explorer, Hubble.

We believe that the ultimate success of IRISnet will come from more than secure, legal and compliant staking services. We’re committed to growing the utility and public adoption of IRISnet with new tools and research.

Values seem aligned?
Potential partners, token-holders, or validators–send us an email:

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