Easy 2 Stake Introduction

Want a secure and stable validator to stake your valuable tokens?
Don’t look further! Stake with us and earn rewards in an easy manner.

Who are we?

Easy 2 Stake was born from the ashes of battle of Game of Stakes, where we were nominated as winners for never being jailed.
E2S ramped very fast on knowledge and decided to move towards offering a Validator service.
Currently we are live with our services for Cosmos Network, Terra Money and of course, last but not least, Irisnet!

Why stake with us?

Easy.Stake.Trust. As easy and as simple as you would click next. Complete transparency and trust with a secure and stable validator.
We use bare metal and cloud base servers to provide connectivity and security at the same time.
Our infrastructures are in highly secure data centers and with sentries spread in Europe for high peering and low latency trough the blockchain.

We will provide you with a step by step tutorial how to delegate your tokens and start earning rewards.
Link to be announced.

We are reachable across multiple channels:

e-mail: contact@easy2stake.com
telegram: https://t.me/easy2stake
twitter: https://twitter.com/Easy2Stake
blog: https://medium.com/easy2stake
validator address: iva1d5ka5clme02s0sqs96pf3lzhz8ejtjs0emep93

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