01node introduction

Hello, my name is Claudiu, I am the node operator of 01node, we are a small team of experienced people (currently 4 ) https://01node.com/team .
We are based on in Romania and working on 01node as a core business, we are colocated in tier 3 accredited data centers.


Genesis Validator and investors on Iris (also on Cosmos, Terra)

  • flat fee of 10%
  • following best practices on setup and infrastructure (multiple sentrys, physical servers, ddoss protection, hsm, etc.)
  • skin in the game (self-delegation)
  • participated in iris incentivized testnets
  • uptime leaders on GOS
  • focus on security

delegation Adress: iva1nzgvvfam8n4lskkcqmhes07td6wkum9cffvkkx

Contact: hello@01node.com
More about us: https://01node.com